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The Complete Guide To Choosing Sunglasses




What's the most effective method of choosing the perfect glasses for you? If you've looked for answers but still aren't sure the following guide on sunglasses is perfect for you.


This guide will help you choose the perfect pair of Komono sunglasses.


Remember Form and function are equally important


They look nice, sure However, it's important to remember that Komono crafted London provide an important purpose. Shutter shades that are in Kanye West's style will not shield your eyes from UV rays. Instead, choose glasses that fall into the lens category 2 to 3. These will reduce glare and offer a moderate to high-level of protection. Polarised lenses will lessen glare when you are spending a lot of time on the water.


Opposites Attract

The standard rule of thumb is to pick frames crafted London which are in the opposite form to your face. If you have square faces, then you must pick curvy, rounded frames. For round faces, you should opt for square geometric frames. Oval faces can choose from these types of frames while oval faces are most suitable for cat eye or aviator frames.


Find the correct size for you

A frame that is too big for smaller faces may appear insectile, while a small frame on a big face is also unflattering. You can try on different frames to ensure that the length, bridge, and lens suit you.


Invest in the Classics



Like most fashion items it's worth spending more money on something you'll love for years rather than one that makes you cringe in the coming season. Wayfarers and Aviators are both unisex styles with an appeal that will last. Ray-Ban's Aviators were created to be worn by pilots during the 1930s. They became a celebrity fashion icon in the 1950s. Wayfarers came out in the 1950s and enjoyed an influx of Tom Cruise in the 1980s. To complement any outfit opt for simple black or tortoiseshell frames.


Discover Your True Colour

The amount of UV protection will not be affected by the color of the lens, but it will affect what types of activities and conditions glasses are best suited for. Grey lenses can be used to suit any need. They will darken what you see normally without distorting color. The other all-purpose tint is green, while brown/amber tints increase contrast and are ideal for sports like golf and tennis that require depth perception. The use of rose-colored tints has been shown to improve road visibility and give the most contrast. They also are believed to be more comfortable to wear for longer periods of wear because they reduce eye strain.


Remember that sun glasses are not always the same style. There's no style that will suit you. With this in mind you can limit your choices by following the guidelines below. But the best choice for sunglasses that make you feel glamorous is entirely up to you!